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Finding Program Options

Once you have reviewed the types of programs and the steps for choosing a program, visit the ILO program finder to search for  available programs.

Program types

Direct Exchange Program

Direct exchanges allow students to enroll as full-time visiting student at a university abroad. Eligibility for certain sites may be limited by major or language background. Students who participate in a direct exchange program pay tuition to Boise State, but pay their living expenses abroad.

USAC/Study Abroad Program

Many students choose to study abroad through USAC or one of the other program providers with which Boise State is affiliated.  These organizations offer programs for nearly any major in a wide variety of countries.  Students who attend these programs pay tuition and program fees to the program providers, rather than to Boise State.

To learn more about USAC, check out this student created video!


Faculty-Led Programs are short-term study abroad programs led by Boise State professors. While participating in these programs, students are able to earn Boise State credits for a course taught by the professor leading the program. The length of these programs ranges from one week to one month.

National Student Exchange (NSE) Program

NSE  provides students with the opportunity to study at over two hundred colleges and universities across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands for a semester or an academic year.  Students who participate in NSE pay either Boise State tuition or the in-state tuition of the host university.

Get Advice from Other Students

Read profiles of Boise State students who have studied abroad.