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Billing Information

Boise State has different study abroad program types and each type is billed differently. All students will be charged a study abroad administrative fee to their student accounts. Students can use financial aid for this fee, but once the fee is charged it cannot be removed even if the student cancels.

Direct Exchange

If your student is participating in a direct exchange, they will receive their regular bill from Boise State. They should pay this bill in the manner they normally do. Housing costs will be paid to the host campus.

Program Providers

Program providers are organizations, which administer study abroad programs (i.e. USAC). On these programs, the student will only pay the study abroad fee. They will pay nothing else to Boise State. Their Boise State fees will be zeroed out.

Any financial aid or scholarships will be disbursed directly to the student. The student will need make arrangements to pay the provider. We are unable to disburse money directly to the provider for the student. However, if a student fails to may payment, we will place an administrative hold on their student account until the balance is paid.

Boise State Faculty/Staff Fee waiver
Please note:  The dependent fee waiver can only be used for direct exchanges or the NSE plan B program.  Please contact ILO at 426-2630 if you are unclear as to the program types. USAC and other provider programs are typically not eligible for the fee waiver.