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Student Profiles

  • Study abroad student Riley Hunt in Fiji working with sea turtle conservation
    Riley Hunt, studied in Hamilton, New Zealand

    Studying abroad in Hamilton, New Zealand was one of the greatest adventures I have ever undertaken. I was able to fully experience Kiwi culture while continuing to study my engineering degree. Weeks were spent learning in a new setting, and weekends allowed me to whitewater raft, bungee jump, and sea kayak. In addition, I took part in sea turtle conservation in Fiji on my Easter holiday and being able to volunteer in a whole other setting was an amazing experience I will never forget. I learned so much about myself and the rest of the world while studying abroad and I hope everyone is able to have the same opportunities I did.

  • Study abroad student Sadie Whitten in Costa Rica holding a newborn baby
    Sadie Whitten, studied in San Ramon, Costa Rica

    Never did I imagine that I would gain so much knowledge and experience when studying abroad in Costa Rica. Being immersed in the culture really opened my eyes to the world and made me try things that I am not accustomed to. I was able to have an internship at a small hospital where not one person spoke a word of English. During my internship, I was blessed to be able to watch my first ever birth. When studying abroad, you are given so many opportunities that may be harder to obtain at a different point in life. I suggest going outside of your comfort zone and study abroad to try new things, learn new cultures, volunteer, and meet worldly people.

  • Study abroad student Ashley Judd in Bilbao, Spain with her class that she taught English to.
    Ashley Judd, studied in Bilbao, Spain

    Studying abroad was life changing. I learned so much about different cultures and I discovered things about myself that I didn't know before. I discovered my passion for learning through the people I met and the things I saw. My eyes were opened to how much in this world I don't know about and that made me want to know more. I also found a love for teaching. I was blessed with the opportunity to teach English while I was abroad, and I fell in love with the students and I looked forward to seeing them every week to practice speaking with them. Studying abroad was the most incredible and memorable experience of my life.

  • Perry Truong
    Perry Truong, studied in Aberystwyth, Wales

    Living in Wales has been the absolute greatest experience of my entire life thus far. I don't think my university experience would have been the same if I had not studied abroad. From riding camels on the beaches of Morocco, to paragliding down the Swiss Alps, my adventure gave me invaluable knowledge about both myself and the culture I live in (as well as memories for a lifetime). It also helped realized my career paths and my next steps as I graduate from Boise State pursuing an education abroad. I give the highest recommendation for these programs and advocate for all students to pursue this opportunity.

  • Study abroad student Michael Kortlever in Lyon, France
    Michael Kortlever, studied in Lyon, France

    Arriving in Lyon, France, I had no idea what to expect of my new home. I quickly fell in love with the city, as well as the culture and people. I was always surrounded by students from around the world, and being able to work with people from such diverse backgrounds was truly an enriching experience. I learned so much about myself and the world through this experience. Tackling all the issues that you are presented with in a foreign country, both good and bad, challenged me as a person, and I grew so much. My French improved so much, and the world feels so much more accessible now that I’ve had this experience!

  • Study abroad student Sami Goodrich in Florianopolis Brazil
    Sami Goodrich, studied in Florianopolis, Brazil

    I had a great opportunity of being able to study abroad in Brazil. Being engulfed in a culture that speaks another language in itself is an experience that everyone should take advantage of. It teaches you to be patient and appreciate other cultures. I had a great privilege of living on a beautiful island that blew my breath away every day. Brazil has many hidden treasures to offer and I hope everyone is able to experience the beautiful Brasil!